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Books, Audio & Video Tapes
Regeneration Books ( keeps a list of resources for you to peruse and identify what best would serve your needs.
Christian Book Distributors ( carries most of the resources.
For those not carried by CBD or, please contact Hope & New Life and we will do our best to assist you with resources not easily located.

Covenant Eyes
Covenant Eyes promotes self-control and personal discipline, and the individual is held accountable in their Internet use.

Enough is Enough
Lighting the way to protect children and families from the dangers of illegal Pornography and On-Line Predators.

Help and support for youth who are unsure about their sexuality or who do not wish to be gay or lesbian: homepage

Justice and Respect
Conservative Christians for a Just and Respectful Response to Gay, Same Gender Attracted and Other Sexual Minorities

The Map
THE MAP is an interactive CD ROM for teenagers and young adults who struggle with homosexual feelings or attractions.

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

One By One
A resource and support to local ministries reaching out to those who are struggling with homosexuality; heterosexual addiction, sexual abuse and other areas of sexual brokenness.

Pure Intimacy
A resource for those who may be addicted to online pornography or affairs as well as those who care about them.

Safe Eyes
Affordable and effective Internet filtering software – protect your family

Southeast Christian Church Support Group
A parents’ support group for parents of children who identify as homosexual in Louisville, Kentucky.