All-State athlete, 4.0 G.P.A., president of the student body, college scholarships – perfect! As I entered my freshman year of college, I told myself that I was perfect. I was truly convinced in my head that I was perfect and that I could meet any performance challenge – basically, that I was untouchable. In my heart it was another story. Deep down I was hiding from the terror of discovering what I truly was at the core of my being. [click to read more]

I came from a loving household. My parents were never abusive and they loved me very much. Although my father was a great provider, I needed someone to share my insecurities as I wrestled through boyhood. I was exposed to sexual activity with a male relative and a babysitter as early as four years old. I was small in stature as compared to the other boys, and I perceived that I was more like the girls due to my interests. I did not have any male role models that I admired. [click to read more]

My attraction to men began when I was very young. My earliest memories go back to the age of six. At this time, I remember daydreaming that I would grow up to be a woman and marry a man. [click to read more]